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Measure AB502

Goes to Senate July 6th, 2015

AB 502 has passed out of the Assembly and has moved on to the Senate.

Your letters, calls and visits to your assembly members have been instrumental moving our bill to the Senate, however, your voice is still very important!


AB 502 must make it through Senate Committees and a Senate floor vote before being presented to the Governor for his signature.  Please meet with your local Senator or send a letter, identifying the importance of dental hygienists and the need for preventive oral hygiene health services provided by RDH and RDHAP.   AB 502 enhances the sustainability of RDHAP practices and access to care.


AB 502 currently includes two key provisions:

•  Amends the Moscone-Knox Professional Corporation Act, to allow RDHAP’s to incorporate;

•  Requires insurance companies to reimburse the RDHAP for legally provided dental hygiene services that are included as insurance benefits retained by a patient


The provision to allow a RDHAP practice in a Designated Health Professional Shortage Area (DHPSA) to remain open, after the DHPSA designation is removed has been amended out of AB 502.   CDA proposed amendments which would have imposed increased restrictions and requirements for the AP.  Existing law is less restrictive and therefore CDHA removed the DHPSA language in the bill.  CDA removed their opposition once both the issues of DHPSA practice and the 18 month prescription requirement for AP services were deleted from the bill.   These two issues will remain as CDHA future legislative agenda items.

Thank you everyone for your efforts.  Please be proactive.  Contact your senators.

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