Congratulations! You survived embryology and histology, radiography, oral pathology, pharmacology, hours upon hours of clinic, and board exams! What now? It’s time to put all that hard work to good use and begin the career you’ve worked so hard for. How should you go about finding a job that you’ll love? Let me offer a few suggestions from my own recent postgraduation job search:


1. Polish up that resume. Have several people proofread it to check for grammatical errors and to make sure the layout is easy to follow and understand. Make sure that all pertinent information is current and accurate.


2. Get involved. Become (if you aren’t already) a member of the ADHA and your local district dental

You graduated from dental hygiene school! Now what?

September 9, 2014, RDH Magazine

by Amira M. Elkerdany, BA, RDH

 hygiene society. These organizations can be an excellent resource for hygienists searching for part-time or full-time employment. Your local dental hygiene society can be a good place to network with other hygienists to find information about the type of office that you are interested in.


3. Network. Network. Network. Fill in as a temporary for offices you would consider for employment. Attend any event where members of the area dental community will be present. Invite prominent area dentists to lunch even if they are not looking to hire a hygienist. If an opportunity for positive interaction and face-time with area dentists or hygienists arises, seize it.

4. Be picky. You should interview


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